Rose of May (A Metal Arrangement)

by Starforger

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A metal arrangement of Rose of May (originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu)


Cold-blooded keeper of the Empire,
Merciless swordsman with heart to Royal familiy chained,
No man or infant shall remain unsilenced,
If their departure's by the Queen's hand is ordained

The Royal command,
Not hers to question,
Only enforce if not to understand,
The men that fall,
Leave naught for sorrow,
Never weighed down by their blood on her hands

Let not you disgrace, Alexadrian pride,
For fierce is the blade that has long been her guide,
The sword does not question, but can only obey,
With intent unchastised as the roses of May

None alive can meet her arm in battle,
One sword alone enough to slay a hundred men,
To stand before her is to taste the Empire's blade,
To fall before the Queen and never rise again,

Lost are the men, who oppose her crusade,
For corrupt are the hands in control of her Blade,
Let not her devotion, be led so astray,
For her passion grows wild as the roses of May,

Cries from Burmecia,
Through its streets still resound,
What bloodlust is still left in longing,
When Burmecian blood covers the ground?

Fear not her grace, or the fire in her stare,
For fear is the gateway of hate and despair,
Fear for her masters, lest they her betray,
For her anger burns bright as the roses of May


released July 27, 2016
Rose of May originally by Nobuo Uematsu



all rights reserved


Starforger Leicester, UK

Ever wanted to hear melodic death metal saturated with keyboards that's all about the Final Fantasy games? No, probably not, but that's what we went and made anyway. Starforger is a project where we get to be both as metal and as nerdy as we like. The keyboards are twinkly, the riffs are cheesy and the vocals are incomprehensible. We hope you enjoy it! ... more

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